Support our students

The programs and services we provide rely entirely on your support. Your contributions ensure the seamless delivery of outstanding quality education to both our students and the wider community. As the Prophet Muhammad  stated, “When a man dies, his actions come to an end except three, the rewards of which keep accruing even after his death, (they are) Sadaqa (charity) that have recurring benefits, knowledge from which people continue to benefit, pious children who offer du’a on behalf of their deceased parents.” By donating, you are investing in unlimited charity, as your support will continue to benefit students of deen, facilitate program enhancement, and initiate new projects and endeavors, even after transitioning to the next world InshaAllah. Invest in securing your shade in the hereafter, for the Prophet Muhammad  said, “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.”

Bank Transfers

You can use the following bank account information for your donations via money transfer/EFT:

Bank: Ziraat Bankası 
İBAN: TR5400 0100 0965 97562059 5001

For donations from Uzbekistan

Name: Qomar Quran Center
Ziraat Bankası İkitelli Şubesi
Card number: 1234 4567 8901 1234